The day before exame

Tomorrow is Ecomonic exame , my classmates must be very nevours. And I forgot to report to MR JAMES I have to retake the exame. Thus I miss the exame and tonight I just watched films and played games. I hope my classmates who are doing review can have a good result in tomorrow’s exame. I am worry about my IELTS anyway I think I have to do more IELTS practice in order to improve my score.

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My life in Bellerbys College

I have studied foundation for nearly 6 months. During these months I meet some friends who come from different countries. Such asMalaysia, Russian , therefore I can know different cultures from different countries. Moreover I also learnt how to choose a university and which subject was really suit to me. Secondly , because I was used to study A-level and my subjects were exactly the same as my Foundation subjects. As a consequence Foundation was not very difficult to me. I learnt how to study Accounting and how to answer the questions as fast as I can. Moreover , in the economy I learnt how to write the essay in order to get higher mark. For FES1 I studied some reading skills and summarize skills. For business studies I learnt how to writing good essay and understand teachers how to look at the questions.  For ICT I learnt so many useful skills which can help me to solve so many problems in the future. For business maths obviously it helps me to use the formula to figure out the tax rate and how much interest should I pay to the bank.


For accounting, my accounting teacher is a good teacher. She taught us how to finish the profit and lost account in 25minutes. This skill helps me to save much time to do the difficult questions. Thus my accounting result was very good and I have achieved my object. Secondly, during the study, Mrs Johnson not only teaches us how to answer the accounting questions she also told us about her daughter and some interesting things. Hence I think I did not just go to the accounting course I also learnt something which I might not learn in the text book.

 For economy, Andy Gray was my teacher he is also my tutor. Therefore, I can see him so many times in a period of time. In the class we not only talk about the economy knowledge we also talk about the news in the BBC and different countries. I think Mr Gray was very interested in China because in his class you can always hear him talk about China and he seems know so much about China. Furthermore because our class usually in the midday we usually felt hungry. At that time Mr Gray sign in his e-mail and show us the menu in the canteen. And he also told us what he goanna to have and how to cook this kind of meal.

As a consequence I really enjoy having economic class. Through the exam in last term was very difficult.

 For business study, my teacher was my accounting teacher before so I have known her for a long time. She was a nice lady and she was very kind to us. For example we were late in some case. But she would not shot to us or being unhappy or lock the door. So sometimes we felt luck to have this teacher. During the class she usually told us about her family and she taught us so many skills. For instance she taught us so many business case study and some business ideas which were very useful for us to run own business.

 For Fes1, It was a very difficult subject for me to study. It might because my English is not good enough. However the teachers taught us many useful skills. And I am trying hard to improve my English skills.

 To sum up this is a piece of homework for CIT which had taught me so many skills. Mr Pates taught me so much knowledge about computer. Even if I can not accept all of the skills he is a very good teacher. We have known each other for nearly two years. In my impression he is very nice and stress. Eventually I really enjoy studying in Bellerbys College.     

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 I have learnt many skills from the CIT course so fare. Such as making power point . Excel  , and word. These skills will be very useful for me to study in the university.  As a consequence CIT is an very interesting course during my foundation study.

 First of all , making power point is one of my skills which I learn in the CIT. During this section I learnt Power Point is a presentation software program that is part of the Microsoft Office package. I did not give a talk before. So this presentation was my first time to give. At the star of the talk I had a little bit nervous and I did not know what could I talk when I see my classmates. However after I finish my first talk I knew how to speak to my friends. Moreover I also knew how to do the power point. By which I mean I know how to put the video in the power point and how to design a good page in order to make the power point clearly. Hence after that I can make the power point very fast.

Secondly, Excel can help me to deal with the data very quickly. During the study I learnt how to make the chart in the software. However, using formulas are difficult to me to study.

To sum up , I think we do so many practise during the class. Thus the class is very good to us and we really can learn so many skills during the classes .  

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My interesting course – FES

First of allFESis one of my foundation subjects and it is my worse subject either. The reason of this my English is not good enough. Thus myFESresult did not very good during the last term. However the skills which I learnt are very useful to my future university study. For instance summarize which give us a long article and then make it shorter. I personal think this skill could help me to summarize some long article. It might help me to get the main idea quickly. Furthermore I also learnt how to write process last term. It could help me to improve my writing skills because it is very similar to IELTS writing Task 1. So it is a good opportunity to me to improve my score if I meet process for task 1in the future. Writing process also help me to collect the right information.

 To sum up even if theFESis not easy for me to get the high mark it helps me to improve my English skills and provide me some useful skills which I might use in the university.

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The reason why I study Business

With the development of China there are more and more opportunity for Chinese people set up own business especially in 20 century. Thus there are more and more people became businessmen between 1990 and 2000. More over because the low labour cost inChinatherefore, it attracted so many international companies come toChinaand more and more factories star to export. The result of this GDP rate inChinaincrease faster and faster. It grow by 11% every year. Furthermore there are about 1.3 billion population inChina. So it is a very big market for the companies to provide products and services. The demand of the market is particular large. As a consequence I want to study business course in order to have a opportunity to repay the society.

 There are also some interior factors to affect me to study business. First of all when I was 13 years I have already watched news every day or week. So It help me to understand what happen in the world and what does the society looks like. After that when I was 15 years old , I started to focus on reading books about how the rich men become successful. In addition I have already to focus on the news about the business and the big companies. During these reading I learnt how to discern a good company and how to set up own business culture. As a consequence when I was young I have been interested in business. Finally I will meet so many challenges during setting up business which are good to me and my future.   

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The difference between Chinese Eduction and British Education

In the present age some people make a comparison between the Chinese education and the British education. Some people argue that Chinese education begets undue pressure to the students and British education can encourage students to think critically.

 On the one hand , British education not only teach students how to take exams but also teach them how to apply the knowledge to the real. Moreover there are only 20 students in a class compare to more than 50 students inChinawhich means in the British classroom teacher can focus on every student. Furthermore British teacher also encourages the students to think critically which can help the students to face problems and due with them. In addition during the study students in theUKalso think independently and they can have any advices to the teachers and school. As a consequence British education not only teaches students theoretical knowledge but also mould students’ character.

 It is tempting to argue that even if Chinese education is force-feed the students. It can improve the ability of students. Taking maths for a example Chinese students have better skills to solve maths questions than other students who come from other countries. Further more during the study the school also instil high moral values to their students. However because of Chinese education force-feed the students. It dampens the students’ enthusiasm.

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My first time come to the Brighton

First Impressions

My first impression of UK is that the air in Brightonis very fresh and the sky is very blue. In my country the air is not very good and the sky  does not good asBrighton.

I have been here for two years. In these years I learnt how to leave my parents along and solve problems by myself. Thus , coming here not only can learn the academic knowledge but also the skills which I can not get in my own country. More over these two years I met many friends who come from different countries. I knew the different cultures and habits. Therefore it can expand common sense. In addition I also tried to learn the other languages out of English which I never try before. It was very interesting for me and I think it can help me to improve my communion skill.

 The reason of coming to here is its weather and the sea. By which I mean I prefer the weather inBrightonto my home city. In the summer I can go out with my friends and enjoy the sun shine. Furthermore the sky inBrightonis very blue the air is very fresh. The result of this I choseBrightonfor my studying and finish my two years study. Actually I quiet enjoy the life in here. And I think even if I go to university I still will come back and pick up my memory in here.

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